Jetty Gold Cartridges


Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 by a few San Diego surfers with a passion for cannabis. Our company vision is a reflection of the world we want to live in. This world includes goods being created in the most sustainable, healthy way possible. We want a world where people with illnesses can have access to things that make them feel better.  A world where we encourage one another to follow dreams and do incredible things. Jetty Extracts CO2Wax is available in two forms. Jetty Gold is a highly refined, well balanced, cannabis concentrate offering a potent, pure medication by isolating the cannabinoids. Jetty Raw is extracted without further refinement to maintain a high percentage of terpenes. These compounds give marijuana it’s characteristic flavor and smell, and are being promoted for their medicinal benefits.


Bulk Pricing  :  1 for $38         3-4/$36 ea        5-10/$34 ea



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