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All Medi-cone cigarettes are produced by hand. Our proprietary grinding and oil blending process insures the freshness and terpenes. Terpenes are what give the distinctive ‘nose’ and flavor of cannabis strains. Because of our hand packing technique no other cone burns as evenly as a Medi-cone.

Medi-Cones package each cigarette into tubes which also protects freshness. They are immediately removed from light and stored in a temperature controlled environment – again to maintain freshness and protect terpenes.

Medi-Cones come in a variety of sizes designed to meet patient needs. From 1 gram cigarettes, to the mini-Medi’s at 1/3g, Medi-Cones are produced with the health and safety of our patients always utmost in our concern. As a result of our dedication, Medi-Cone medicines are 4-time Cannabis Cup Winners.



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